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Js conditionals — For what is true should never be false

The thing that trips some people up about JavaScript is the Truthy Falsy nature of the language. The reason being that sometimes they check for a condition which they expect to be true, but turns out to be false or vice versa. Actually, this is one of the reasons why I actually love javascript because it lets you do checks for values in a less verbose manner. The goal of the article is to go back to the fundamentals and help you understand how Truthy Falsy values work in JavaScript...

09 Aug 2023


Learn modern javascript in 10 simple ways

Es6 has come to stay, with the cool new features added to javascript developing javascript applications has now become easier and fun. I would like to show you this 10 hot tips that would ease your work flow and help you write modern and efficient JavaScript (less lines of code). I won’t bore you with less important information, plus you can always read up on es6 if you want. Let’s dive right in...

24 Jun 2022


Css grids case study — scotch.io hero section

In this article, we are going to build the scotch.io hero section using CSS Grids. The idea here is to solidify your knowledge of CSS Grids and also to build your confidence to a level where you are able to approach more advanced and complex UI’s. This article assumes you have a base knowledge of CSS Grid...

12 Feb 2022

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